Unleash your unlimited potential with MyBJJ.

Josh Bourke

Hi all, I am the sole developer for MyBJJ. I have been addicted to the sport since October 2018. I, like many other BJJ fanatics, am always looking at ways to improve, that is where MyBJJ comes in. I have built MyBJJ to take care of your progression and track your development with ease.

Click the button down below to start your journey with MyBJJ today. How to download
The link will take you to a page where you'll have to install an app called Testflight. Testflight is an apple made app, that allows people to beta test MyBJJ.


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Privacy Policy

MYBJJ requires the user to sign in or create an account to use the application. This requires an email from the user that is saved on a back-end server for you to sign in. At this time your email is only used for you to sign in to the app. The user is also able to remove all data saved on MyBJJ directly from inside the profile view of the application.